Chinatown Heritage Centre

(Note: This is not the official Chinatown Heritage Centre website)

Address: 48 Pagoda Street (Map)
Telephone: +65 6325 2878
Opening Hours: 09:00am to 08:00pm (Mon – Sun)
Tickets: S$8.00 (Adult), S$4.80 (Children)

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(Photo Credit: Wikipedia | Chinatown Singapore)

Chinatown Heritage Centre is located on Pagoda Street, in three beautifully restored authentic shophouses. There are 15 exhibition galleries spread over 3 levels – each taking you to a different time in history. From the harsh living conditions in the migrants’ native land to the new life in Chinatown to the golden years of the 1950s.

Apart from visiting the galleries, you can purchase souveniers like wooden clogs and hand-sewn Chinese quilt blankets. The centre also houses a Kopi Tiam (hokkien for coffee shop), in case you crave for local snacks and an aromatic cup of coffee.