A Couple’s Travel Guide: Top 5 Romantic Getaways In Port Dickson

Spending some quality time with your loved one in a premier hotel can dramatically transform a typical vacation into a beautiful romantic getaway. Champagne-soaked bottles, candlelit dinners, and private butler service are all part of a romantic setting you can enjoy together with your partner. Port Dickson, a beach resort destination in Malaysia, is a popular escape destination for couples wishing to rekindle their love in style. Many hotels in this area have the perfect alchemy of comfort and fun, intrigue, and indulgence stuff that many couples cherish.

Are you set for Port Dickson and need to book romantic accommodation? Here is a list of 5 most romantic hotels in Port Dickson that will make your stay magical.

  1. Grand Lexis Port Dicksongrand-lexis-hotel-is-the-most-charming-accommodation-in-pd

Grand Lexis Port Dickson is a charming resort tailored with a tropical Balinese feel that blends elegance, comfort, and class. Nestled in a dynamic environment, the hotel’s guestroom and water chalet is spacious and has a bathtub and balcony deck. Embellished with a Balinese-inspired tumble stone, elevated bedrooms, and tropical hardwood flooring you are sure to have a glamorous splurging. Get the most of the open concept bathroom with a transparent glass panel to spectacle a lovely underneath seawater view. Other modern amenities to enjoy include flat screen TV, inbuilt Wi-Fi, air-conditioner, private pool and more. If unwinding at an informal setting is more your thing, a Lanun Bar or Pool cafe is set inside to calm your mind. Nearby attractions include Rachardo Lighthouse, Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve, and PD Ostrich Farm. Visit them to make your stay fun and exciting.

  1. Thistle Port Dicksonthistle-pd-is-an-accommodation-that-perched-on-an-appealing-stretch-of-teluk-kemang

Thistle Port Dickson Hotel is perched on an appealing stretch of Port Dickson’s finest beach, Teluk Kemang. It offers 251 plush guestrooms in which couples can enjoy their stay. Each room boasts sweeping sights of the sea and pool and has a flat-screen TV, cable television, Wi-fi and more. Room service is also available around the clock! If you’re a compulsive food lover, have a taste of the gastronomic Italian food dishes prepared by famous chefs. Both of you will love its pleasant taste and find it irresistible to order another plateful. Other premium features that will make your stay worthwhile include sauna, outside pool, stunning beach views, rejuvenating body spas and more. The highly raved Cape Rachado Watchtower is just a five-minute drive away from the resort.

  1. Klana Beach Resortklana-beach-resort-is-a-budget-friendly-accommodation-in-pd

Klana Beach Resort is a budget-friendly hotel for couples that might be low on cash but need to enjoy an immersive experience together. The resort boasts an outdoor pool and water sports gems, savory dishes, ample parking, and spacious guestrooms. Each room has air-conditioner, a flat-screen TV, private bathroom and room service around the clock. Opposite the hotel, sits a sophisticated lunar observatory which couples can use to enjoy the dramatic views of the sea from their room. Make sure together you take a leisure walk around the hotel in the evening to get awe-struck by PD’s breathtaking sunset.

  1. Avillion Port Dickson

Situated in the heart of Port Dickson, Avillion Port Dickson is a couple driven holiday accommodation tailored with the nature lover in mind. It simply combines classic culture with modern gratification, which provides guests the thrill to splurge on Malaysia’s rich heritage in style. It has a sweeping reputation for winning the Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia Excellence Award in Architecture in 2001.  It also boasts 240 beautifully fashioned rooms, varying from chalets to villas.  Each guestroom is spacious with king-size beds, private balconies, and Jacuzzis. Inside you’ll also find a karaoke bar, refreshing body spa, fitness center, swimming pool and more. If you’re a huge bird lover, you may also want to visit the exotic bird aviary also hosted by the hotel.avillion-pd-is-an-accomodation-situated-in-the-heart-of-port-dickson

  1. Avillion Admiral Cove

Avillion Admiral Cove is a world-class waterfront hotel perched in the heart of Negeri Sembilan’s Port Dickson. It sits on 100-acre land of seaside tranquility and links to the famous Admiral Marina & Leisure Club. The hotel features ultra-modern architecture design, expansive views of the highly raved Straits of Malacca, spacious rooms and more. All rooms are neatly polished and evoke a contemporary feel inspired by the hotel’s immersive architecture and the sea’s serene ambiance. An outdoor swimming pool is also set nearby in which lovers can chill with a cold drink in hand. A boat ride and a heartwarming stroll on the beach are other cool activities couples can enjoy together in the evening. Food served here is superb! Make sure you order a variety of tasty local dishes to become familiar with the most excellent dishes served around Malaysia.

Port Dickson is the perfect holiday destination for couples wishing to enrich their love more. An array of elegant hotels surrounds this place in which partners can enjoy their stay. Each hotel assures lovers high-quality service and standard, heartwarming hospitality, and a memorable stay every day. Take a step away from your everyday routine and reconnect with your partner in style by visiting the luxurious getaway hotels listed above. But to easily get an accommodation in Port Dickson, make sure you contact a host a day prior your arrival for much convenience.