Top 5 Things to Do In Paris

Paris, also called the City of Lights, is recognized as one of the world’s most famous destinations. It’s known for its great food, impressive artwork collection, and towering structures.  True Parisian life can be experienced by sitting at small sidewalk cafés or browsing through dusty paperbacks at bookshops along the Seine.

Here are some things you shouldn’t miss out on when you’re in Paris:


  1. Take Pictures at the Arc de Triomphe

Besides the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe is another architectural marvel in Paris. It is a monument that stands at the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle which leads to the twelve grand avenues in Paris. From the aerial view of the city, it serves as the centerpiece of a radiant star which the Place de l’Étoile is named after. For a grand view of the city, tourists can climb up the monument. This piece of artwork was made in honor of the heroes who fought during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. More than a place for tourists, it serves as a historic monument for the country. The layout of the Arc de Triomphe shows a neoclassical version of Roman architecture. The grand avenues are lined with trees that gives a nature feel in the midst of the bustling city of Paris.


  1. Visit the Centre Pompidou

For three decades, the Centre Pompidou has been capturing the attention of tourists. It unique and radical architectural design will leave anyone in awe. The design is as if the building is turned inside out. The tubes, structures, and pipes are all visible from the outside. It houses the public information library as well as the largest modern art museum, the Musee National d’Art Moderne. It is a cultural hub that tourists should visit to further understand the distinctive art and culture of France and Europe. It has over 50,000 art works and is considered as one of Europe’s most significant buildings.


  1. Explore Paris After Dark

After visiting all the amazing architectural buildings in Paris, the best way to end the day is by having a dinner at Georges which is the rooftop bar and restaurant located in Centre Pompidou. It features the city lights at night. They offer the best wines and champagnes with the famous dish duck foie gras. Another option is to have dinner at Restaurant Derriere which is an interesting restaurant with an eclectically decorated lounge. It has a Ping-pong table and a secret smoking room. There are numerous quality restaurants, clubs, and fancy lounges such as the Le Bat at the Four Seasons George V Hotel, Bar Hemingway, and club Queen among others.


  1. Take a Dip at the Piscine Josephine Baker

If you are up for a swim amidst the city life in Paris, you must visit Piscine Josephine Baker which is a glass-walled swimming pool floating along Seine River in Paris. It features a modern designs that has a retractable glass roof which opens during summer. It is definitely a unique yet memorable experience in Paris.


  1. Do the Montmartre Walk

Tourists usually visit the Montmartre Walk to see the famous Moulin Rouge along with the home of cancan and cabaret. Beyond the lights and the busy streets of the neon strip is the intricate back streets that shows the local charm of Paris. There are maple-dappled trees along the path going to Montmartre Cemetery. It is the popular resting place of some old avant garde artists such as Gustave Moreau, Edgar Degas, and Francis Picabia.

You don’t have to stay at posh 5 star hotels or spend a fortune to enjoy this city. If you’re travelling on a budget, you and your companions can stay at holiday apartments in Paris. There are plenty of these being rented out on a regular basis. You can book your accommodations early and plan your itinerary ahead of time for a hassle-free trip.